About Serendipity "EveryDay" Goatmilk Soaps

Serendipity “EveryDay” Goatmilk Soap is a small local Coffs Harbour boutique market business. We hand make from scratch all our goats milk products using farm fresh goats milk ingredients from Coffs local suppliers – can’t get it local (?) we search Australia wide for suppliers.

Whatever you put on your body, a large percentage will be absorbed through your skin so we can't advocate enough to be ever so careful what you do use on your skin, so read ingredients carefully and if you don't understand make it your mission to find out.

Faith & Hope

We use tropical fruits from local farmers (a real surprise is our Black Sapote blended with Grapefruit & Vanilla Bean) we make our own shredded coconut from Queensland coconuts, our very special cucumber water is hand made by us, our super popular Goatmilk Almond, Honey and Vanilla we soak the Almonds in the goats milk for 48 - 72 hours then use the almond meal and goats milk in making the soaps with a vanilla bean in with the melting oils for that lovely "hint of vanilla", fresh beautiful honey from Alan Elks (Glenreagh), the list goes on and on.

Whatever you buy and it has a label you should be able to understand every product ingredient on a that label. For our “EveryDay” Naturals Range we use quality locally sourced ingredients such as vegetable/plant oils, super fine butters (for our body scrubs), essential oils, clays, enriched botanical extracts, pure unrefined beeswax again from Glenreagh Beekeeper Alan Elks, wild botanicals and herbs and spices.

We always make in very small batches to ensure quality and freshness – and mostly scrubs etc. to order.