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About Serendipity Goatmilk Soaps

Serendipity is a small local Coffs Harbour boutique business.
We hand make all of our goat's milk products using farm fresh goat's milk and as many fresh and local ingredients
in our products as we can find.

Love Your Soap ? - Round or Square ?


Perfect way to buy the soap you love.

Purchase by the full log/loaf of soap.  Each log (round)/loaf (square) cuts 10 individual cakes of soap.  Each soap log/loaf  is custom made for you.  Only one scent per price of log/loaf.

Ingredients are the same as we use in all our handmade soap - and of course not forgetting our Farm Fresh Goatsmilk.  Any of our listed soaps are available this way for purchase - or perhaps you have a special request?

Price per log/loaf is $28.00 each, whichever variety you choose - that's just $2.80 per cake.

If we do not have your scent in stock, there may be a 4 week lead time (we will notify you if that is the case). But send us an email and let us know so we can confirm that for you.