Malibu Musk

Malibu Musk is one of 3 types of musk in our soap family, you can choose from in grades of scent

1/ Midnight Musk, 2/ Marshmallow or 3/ Malibu Musk or “Why not try all three”?

We’re all in love with different cities for their cosmopolitan, urban transitional so we decided to pay tribute with a wonderfully exciting aroma that’s lively, alluring and so full of fun that it will bring the memories back from 1989.  A warm subtle scent defined by a complex range of powdery, sweet, woodsy and earthy aroma impressions.  Malibu Musk is an intense and striking unisex fragrance that will transport you to an alluring space within the breath-taking beauty of the hot Californian sun.



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