Patchouli Bergamot

Did you realize the patchouli flower is a member of the mint family (?) but its aroma is anything but minty right (?).  Patchouli has an earthy, woody, musky scent known for its intoxicatingly rich bouquet.

Some describe it as a grounding and emotionally-balancing scent that helps relax both the mind and body, others remember it as a hippie scent – so to bring patchouli still to patchouli lovers and entice others to try soaps with patchouli in them we now have 4 varieties of patchouli soap….

Patchouli Bergamot giving this soap a crisp citrus scent – Patchouli Honey this soap gave the patchouli a sweeter scent –  Sandalwood Patchouli Vanilla – a truly beautiful scented soap and of course the ever popular just “Patchouli”

Which one did you choose????



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