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Artisan Luxury Silk Soaps

Experience the luxury of Serendipity’s Silk Soap

Ordered per full log with each log producing 10 exquisite silk soaps available natural, coloured or scented.

                                           Serendipity’s Artisan Silk Soaps

Harnessing the magic of goat’s milk plus celebrated for its efficacy in treating skin conditions, Serendipity’s Artisan Luxury Silk Soaps offer a luxurious and ancient beauty ritual that pampers your skin with the richness it deserves.

Crafted from a blend of luxurious ingredients, including coconut oil, jojoba oil, mango oil, sweet almond oil, this soap transcends ordinary skincare.

Serendipity’s handcrafted silk soaps are made using the traditional cold process and Room Temp methods hence, natural ingredients are preserved since no external heat is used. Our range of Artisan Luxury Silk Soaps combine moisturizing rich nutrients to condition and moisturize and produce a luxurious lather that cleans your skin naturally.

Serendipity's Artisan Luxury Silk Logs can be made as EveryDay Natural and EveryDay Fragrant.

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