Lavender & Ylang

Of all the soaps on the drying racks, this is the one that repeatedly catches our noses, Lavender and Ylang Ylang totally compliment each other.

We carefully blended 2 Lavenders with the Ylang Ylang, the layering and richness of the fragrances goes beyond the lovely Ylang Ylang flower.  An unusual and somewhat floral, somewhat green note is lent by the beautiful lime flower you can smell its wonderful aroma throughout this goatmilk soap which has a rich creamy rich lather that is just divine.  The absolutely stunning classic combination of Lavender & Ylang is always a huge favourite.  Lavender ‘n’ Ylang blended together produce an exotic, sensual floral that is a must have.  The power of Ylang with the lovely innocence of not one but two fragrant Lavenders to refresh the spirit. 



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